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As a staple of life our need to eat has developed from a simple form of feeding our bodies with the fuel it requires, to a complicated art of presentation and taste together with our inborn need to experiment with everything we see, touch, smell and of course taste.

The ever-increasing divergence of meals that’s now available to us in our local stores and eating-places only help to confuse and tantalise us into new culinary experiments and delights.

In the sandwich shop to the award winning restaurants, we could always find a place that sells and prepares the food we want at a reasonable price, although cooking or preparing food for ourselves may be a cheaper or healthier alternative it never seems to taste the same as our local restaurant. Most people that have cooked their own versions and varieties of local, Indian, Chinese or other global cuisine believes it does not have the same flavor or feel and will often opt for a more authentic meal from their local restaurant or take away.

With the large amount of prepared meals available, the option of spending some time in the kitchen becomes less and less attractive. Even though some believe this to be a bad thing it’s fuelled a new marketplace in available meals that are only a phone call away. So long as the health and hygiene sections vet these institutions and our choices are varied, of good quality and healthy their usage may be a fantastic alternative to cooking our own meals.

With the onset of fast foods and the quick cook and cooked meals available combined with the ever growing choice of world cuisine, the enjoyment of these different foods have opened new choices to the customer within the food industry.

Individuals who don’t have the ability, time or will to cook at home today only have to pick up the phone book or click on the Internet in order to locate their community restaurant or fast food retailer that will be more than happy to deliver the freshly prepared hot meals ready to eat directly to their door with minimum fuss.

Even though the fast food retailers compete with each other fiercely, using their special offers and cheaper and healthier alternatives to entice us to their assumptions, the main stay of classic restaurants still hold an important role in our lives.

Traditional restaurants will always offer us that nice alternative to eating at home, ordering take out from our community fast food dispenser or seeing their drive through or small busy café style restaurants. Not forgetting those special occasions or romantic rendezvous, these still command the demand for that quiet stylish quality restaurant where we all know that the food service and wine will always be excellent and the experience wonderful and charming. Earth! Fire! Wind! Water! Heart! With your Powers Combined I AM CAPTAIN ELLIS!

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