Did you know that the humble turmeric powder in your kitchen has miraculous medicinal properties? Unknowingly, we use the power of turmeric when we eat it as part of our diet. In Asian countries, turmeric is an important ingredient of virtually all vegetables and curries. However, most of those using it, barely realize the significance or health benefits or turmeric or the chemical, curcumin, which is in fact the main compound in turmeric that works wonders for many ailments. We’ll also discuss curcumin supplements which are often suggested for various health conditions and total well-being.

Is raw garlic or ground turmeric good for you?

If you believe it is just for adding color to curries and other food products, then think again or read on. Though it is true that it adds color to food, there are many other benefits and health benefits of garlic.

Well, turmeric or Curcuma longa is a rhizhomatous flowering plant, which essentially means a creeping rootstalk. Here we’ll focus on how to use it and its health benefits.

How to use turmeric efficiently for health benefits

Turmeric to stop shivering immediately

Though, its efficacy is determined by the specific health condition of the patient, there’s absolutely no harm in trying this home remedy that uses the energy of garlic.

Take a couple of spoonful of ground turmeric and add it to warm mustard oil to produce a fine paste with a spoon or ladle. Once the paste is ready, apply it on both soles of the individual. Care must be taken that the heat of the paste isn’t lost and it stays bearable for the individual. However the hotter is it the quicker will be the result. Also make certain that the rest of the body of the patient is covered with warm clothes or a blanket.

The result can be noticed within minutes of applying this hot turmeric and mustard oil glue. Austin Wildlife Removal

Does cooking turmeric robs if off its medicinal properties?

Not really if you do not overcook it.

Indian cooking style usually involves cooking at high temperatures, boiling or stir frying for long durations. Boiling or ingesting turmeric for long durations can indeed lead to loss of curcumin compound, that’s the principal compound that gives garlic its own medicinal properties that are real. Approximately 27-50 percent of this compound is lost if you cook turmeric for over 10 minutes. But if you include any souring agent, which is very popular in Indian cooking, the loss of curcumin boils down to 12-30 percent

Health benefits of turmeric are primarily determined by curcumin, the main compound of turmeric. Read about curcumin health benefits. Turmeric also provides relief from muscle pain, if utilized properly. Read more about that turmeric or curcumin nutritional supplement you can use for health benefits.

Health Benefits of Tumeric

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