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Sea provides us a great deal of stuff. Food, livelihood, entertainment, and sailing are some of them. You may imagine the usual scene of fishermen with their nets when you hear the expression fish but things have changed now.

Commercial companies have been employing high technology equipment to monitor and catch the fishes in the oceans. High-Technology equipment helps them catch a high number of fishes and other marine creatures. But this is causing a severe effect on the ocean ecosystem. Fishes that are in high demand such as Salmon, Tuna and several others are hunt more. This results in the decline of those varieties in several parts of the world. This also contains some endangered and protected species.

Another problem connected with contemporary fishing is bycatch. The fishing industry employs the term bycatch to signify those undesirable fishes that come together with the target fishes. As these fishes are undesirable, they are thrown back into the sea dead or alive. With the growing competition and the demand, the situation is becoming worse day by day.

Fortunately, several individuals and non-profit organizations have joined the sustainable seafood movement started in 1990 to save the oceans. However, their contributions alone would not be enough to change the present situation. Everyone must take responsibility and perform the necessary things.

Well, you can do a great deal of things. Being a consumer, the first thing you can do is to buy sustainable seafood. Brands and companies which offer sustainable seafood take into consideration issues such as overfishing, bycatch that are severely damaging the ocean ecosystem. They follow specific rules and standards set by international communities like FAQ. Including specific practices such as no target pest control bats, use of selective fishing gear, no bycatch, etc..

You could also push the market for sustainable seafood by demanding sustainable fish from local restaurants. The consumer can eat those fishes that are caught locally or which are lower in the food chain like codfish.

You can also go together with farm fishes. It doesn’t matter where you’re thinking to buy your fish from, but make sure it is posing minimum influence on the nearby habitat. Whether the fishes are placed in the open ocean or raised in a pond, the structure ought to be built in harmony with the surroundings.

Take the first step towards preserving the ecosystem by choosing sustainable seafood. And don’t forget to look at the Eco-logo on the product.

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